My weekend at the Sisters In Power in Orlando

On Friday I was blessed with the pleasure of being a panelist at the Sisters in Power event in Orlando along side actress Megan Good, Tami Roman from Basket Ball Wives, Wendi J Turner and the very powerful Kecia J.

Meeting Megan Good.

Megan Good is such a humble soul. You guys know how some stars can be "Hollywood". That was not Megan (in a good way). I didn't quite expect her to be as approachable as she was. We spoke about her hair do and that I need the hook up on getting some locs made. Oh my goodness they looked really nice on her!

Meeting Kecia J

Now, I had never heard of Kecia J before the event but I knew there must be something special about her. Kecia is a very strong woman who has spoken publicly about her Aids Virus diagnosis. You heard that right!

As she described herself, she is a "gangsta".

This woman shared her story on how she found out about her diagnosis at age 21 in college. As she explained, she did not know she actually had Aids. She was on her hospital bed regarding an illness and the doctor asked her what she was doing about the Virus. That's when she found out! Talk about shocker!

No one is ever prepared for that.

Her story was the most impact, each time she spoke she took us on a visual journey with hey back in time, you didn't dare cry for her because she was so strong and yet comical all in one. Most of all she opened her heart with us all and shared her life with us not only as someone with the Virus but also on her experiences with relationships good, bad and ugly. It was a joy listen to her speak. No wonder she has been recognize by Walgreen as and other top outlets. If you or someone you know is living with the Aids Virus, even if not look her up on IG @iamkecia get inspired.




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