Free Sanitary Pads For 1000 Women and Girls

Late Post:

I heard of viral tweet someone put out about the increased prices of sanitary pads in Nigeria, and how young girls were resorting to "creative" unhygienic means of taking care of "business". I read this tweet and thought to my self: "I hope the government can do something about this".

Then it hit me: "you can do something about this Jules!" So, I did.

I want anyone reading this post to be inspired to do whatever they can in their own community. It does not have to be one thousand women and girls, it can be your next door neighbor. Be the change you want to see.

And hey, I hope you watched the video above which showed a summary of our Slim Girl Nigeria staff having a blast at putting words into action.

This is a late post. But it's a story worth telling because I want to inspire others to do the same.




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